Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Bathroom

One day, in my dream house, I will have my own bathroom. One that no one else is ever allowed to use. It will have:
  • A heated ceramic floor, so that there are never drops of water to step in
  • A heated towel rack too.
  • A double shower with seats for shaving my legs without having to balance like a flamingo.
  • Glass block window so that the neighbors cannot see inside when I am showering at night. Because the window film you buy at the store just does not do the job, apparantly.
  • A bidet, which I think every crohnie should have.
  • A built in window seat, so that i can just hang out in there and read when I need to get away. Also so I can just in there when I am sick.
  • A telephone so that I can talk to my sisters. For some reason, one of us is usually in the bathroom when we chat.
  • A really big cabinet where I can store many varieties of floss.
  • No bath toys.
  • A huge jetted tub, so that if I ever get pregnant again, which is not likely, I can have my baby at home. Or one of my sisters can come over and have a baby in my tub.
  • A cabinet with special lights for sterilizing my toothbrush.
I think that is it. I have discovered that I really want my own bathroom. Even Keith would not be able to use it, although he really quite pleasant to share a bathroom with, I just want my own. Maybe I would set up my sewing machine in there too.

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Betina said...

ha ha ha ha. I would like a nice bathroom, but I think I would have to share it with Kenneth.

What do you mean?? No more babies??