Sunday, January 29, 2012

Does this count?

I think as far as mormon stuff goes, blogging on a Sunday is A-OK.  To me it is like journaling, which is heavily reccomended for a Sunday afternoon activity.  And shoveling the snow is A-OK too, as long as you make it a service to others and shovel both of your neighbours walks too. Which was nice to do today because my one neighbour has gotten to it first for the past few snowfalls, taking away my good deed intentions.  I think retired people must sit all day looking out of the window, just waiting for that last snow flake to fall so they can get out there with their fancy snow removal tools. 

So, my secret it all the way out.  I finally got the courage to tell work about the baby-to-be, and there is just no hiding it in Sunday clothes anymore.  Keith was laughing a bit about my attempts, ha ha, so I finally just gave in.  I got really fat right away this time, which my doctor said probably was because I had to stop 3 of my medications at once, and that apparantly is a recipe for getting fat.  Anyhow, I always like the first few months of pregnancy, having this little secret that only a few select people know about.  Watching other people try so hard to bite their tongues trying not to ask the seemingly obvious.  And the day you finally give in to the elastic waisted pants and feel soooo much better.  I also like the day or two when it is just me and only me who knows about it.  It is like this incredible sparkly present that you get to give to the one you love the most.  Even if it is an unexpected present. 

Kid update:

Mina cannot for the life of her say the word "envelope".  She says something like "antelope" instead.  Also, the other day we had a conversation about being old. 
Mina: Mom, are you old?
Me: I'm older than you.
Mina: But are you old?
Me: I'm old enough. 
Mina: Is Daddy old?
Me: He's old enough too.
Mina: (getting frusturated with me)  But is he old, like an old shoe?
ha ha ha. 

I took Abby to a Harry Potter day at the University science department.  They had all of these booths set up where you could do science experiments and check out "magical" things. They had the expected acid base things, and dry ice, but she also got to extract her own DNA from a saliva sample!  How cool is that?  I was so proud of her - she knew all of the answers to questions about obscure animals - like that a male platypus has a poisonous claw on his hind feet!  She was shown a skull and identified it as the skull of a Komodo Dragon. This girl is incredible!  (She also knew all of the answers to a Harry Potter quiz, but I expected that.) 

Thats all for now folks.  Oh, and I joined facebook.  (I was planning to never ever do so, but that is where my midwife updated her clients if she has to rebook an appointment. )

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Musings... A bullet List

  • I was going to blog about how much I hate the bleeping cold.  But, it has warmed to only -24 degrees, so I feel much better about it.  I was not enjoying the -44 of yesterday.  
  • I keep telling myself that it is cheaper and more practical to by new car seats and booster seats than it is to buy a new car.  But the Mazda 5 is calling me!  Alas, a couple of Britax Marathon's should do the trick.  Or  perhaps the Radian 65's which are also narrow.  
  • I made the most delicious lasagne over the weekend.  It was golden and bubbly and perfect.  I even took a picture of it for my archive of fantastic food that I have made.  I also have many pictures of various yorkshire puddings and apple pies. 
  • The museum is having a Chair exhibit and I am unreasonably excited.  People thing I am a bit strange, but I can't wait!    
I should really not have started this list now, because I have to go get Abby.  More later!  TTFN!!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Mommy Confession # 73

Sometimes, when she is asleep, I sneak into Mina's room and put chapstick on her.  I just cannot abide those little chapped dry hurting lips, that keep getting licked in the cold, and never get chapstick-ed because she hates it. Sometimes, I even use vaseline.