Friday, June 30, 2006

I am a Genius

I had an incredibly great idea today. To make Smores with NUTELLA!!! mmm that would be so good. I am going to reserve our camping spot right now... In fact, I may even try making them on the BBQ because they sound so yummy, and I am very food-suggestible these days, ( I am 22 weeks pregnant.) You could even put a layer of bananas on them. Just think. Graham cracker, nutella, banana, marshmallow, nutella and another graham cracker. Pure heaven. I really am a genius.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A World Full of 3 Year Olds

I was watching Abby the other day, and started to think about what it would be like if we were all 3 years old. We had finished dinner, and she decided to spin around in circles, and then lay down under the table when she got dizzy. She breaks out into song whenever she feels like it, no matter where we are, or who is around. She makes up her own songs about everyday things and it is really sweet. She just had her birthday party, and when we were decorating her cake, she was very adamant that she wanted a nine on it, instead of a three. (I put a three on it anyway. Did I stifle her creativity? Hopefully I did not damage her for life...) She also wants to go and live on top of a fluffy cloud with mummy, daddy, our cat, and papa.

If I could live that way, not concerned about what other people thought, I would be naked a lot more often. Especially in the summer. I would eat more chocolate, and would eat desert first. I would also sleep more, whenever I felt like it. I would also have a lot of umbrellas, and a very big rock collection that took up a lot of space.

Monday, June 26, 2006

first try

Well, I have to join the blogging club to be like my sisters. I titled it "meagre offerings" because my life is pretty normal, and nothing much out of the ordinary happens. Except for yesterday. I told my meddlesome and hateful Grandmother off! I am still a bit shocked that I did it, afterall, she is an old lady, but man, it was a long time coming. Am I a bad person? I really was quite mean. But on the other hand, she said something really awful that hurt my feelings, and I just cannot listen to her saying bad things about people who I love. She does it all the time and thinks that she can get away with it because she is old, and the family matriarch. I have not spoken to her since, and part of me is feeling really guilty. But another part of me is sticking my tongue out at her and saying "ha!" Take that you meanie!!