Saturday, September 01, 2007

End of Summer

Well, summer is over. It is September long weekend already! We had a really fun summer this year. We went on 2 weekend camping trips, and got to see much of the fam on one of them, and we also got to go to Calgary and visit the zoo. I renovated the front entry, and we got started on the kitchen this week. Right now I am sanding down window frames to get ready for a fresh coat of paint to go with the new windows that are being installed next week. We had lots of fun playdates at the splash park, and Abby learned to ride her bike! Summer went by so quickly. It is almost time for me to go back to work, part time, which is mostly a good thing, although I will worry about Mina until she adjusts to her dayhome. Of course she will do fine, but it is my job to worry about my kids. I am excited about going back to work because I will have something of mine back. I will get to be alone, when I am driving there! It sounds really selfish to say so, but I really miss having a few minutes to myself. And I will get to chat with grown ups. After being around little people for almost a year, I just need some grown up space. I am so lucky to have a boss who I like, who is a family guy and allows me the flexibility to work only the hours I need to.

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Betina said...

Leaving summer is always bittersweet, I LOVE the fall, but I hate to say goodbye to all the warm sunny days.

Mina will do just fine. Good luck at work!