Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Things We Have Learned This Week

  • Camping at 8+ months pregnant is not a lot of fun, even if you are in a cabin. 
  • Visiting with long lost sisters and their chillins all together makes it totally worth it!
  • My mom is very awesome and I am so proud of her.  Actually, I have known that for a long time, but it bears noting here!
  • My children can swallow half of  a piece of spaghetti, and then pull it back out.  Endless hours of amusement. gag. ( I thought girl children would be more demure, somehow.)
  • It is possible that I may have been a bit obsessed with cloth diapers and finding great deals on them.  I may or may not have enough cotton to diaper triplets.  I have a plan though!  Once I figure out what works, I will sell the others on Kijiji to finance my next ridiculous obsession. Ideas anyone?
  • Having a midwife is the bomb.  I knew this before too.  At my last group appointment (which I love because it is a bit like therapy) she made friendship bread for all of us and gave out "starter" bags to those who wanted them.  Tell me, does your OBGYN do that?  Probably not.  So in about 7 days, would you like some starter?  
  • If anyone is planning a future pregnancy, and are one of those people for whom these things work out when you want them to, don't plan to have an August baby.  Pure torture I tell you.  In fact, just to be safe, don't have any sex at all during the month of November.  Even if you are on bed rest.  ha ha.
  • Abby has learned how to sleep in.  Ah, the art of a lazy morning.  Today she came out of her room at the crack of 9!  Going back to school should be fun for her (I mean me)  in the morning.
  • We are loving the summer programs at the library this year.  Free!  Air Conditioned!  Books!  Prizes!  Supervised activities for the kids so that I can read trashy magazines for an hour with my feet up!  pure bliss I tell you.  Even if I am the one who inevitabally ends up carting about 30 books back to the van.  Worth it. 
  • My children have watched childbirth DVDs so they know what to expect.  I was expecting to have to answer more questions, but Mina was most impressed by the umbilical cord, and Abby laughed at the Dad's hairstyle.  It is so interesting to me how with kids, some things you think are going to be a big deal really are not.  I'm happy that this is going to be part of their growing up experience, and not a big taboo mystery.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 First off, we are having a heat wave.  There are rolling blackouts in Alberta.  Being in my third trimester, and also being a person who hates the heat normally, I am not a happy camper.  I can't even begin to describe how awful/sticky/irritable/angry etc.  I am feeling right now.  So, if you encounter me, and I am really mean, please just walk away. Or give me a bag of frozen peas to wear on my head.

Also, a note to my body.  Really body?  Could you maybe re-use the old stretch marks from pregnancy #1 and #2 instead of creating new ones?  Would that be so hard?  And also, please please pretty please do not go into labour during our camping trip.  I am really worried about this.  That's all.