Saturday, November 11, 2006

No-Baby Update

Well, I am now a few days PAST my due date. I just wanted to update you all on what is not happening. I go in again on Wednedsday, to do a non-stress test, which just checks on how baby is doing. I get hooked up to a fetal monitor for 1/2 an hour or so. That is also the day we will schedule induction of labour, probably for the weekend sometime, if nothing has happened by then. The weird part is that I have been having early labour contractions for the past week - they are much more intense than the Braxton Hicks I have been getting the past 2 months... But I lay down to go to bed at night, and they go away. So, no news here.

I am very frusturated and irritable about it all, so please do not call me unless you want to chat about something other than the fact that I am still pregnant. If you call, and I answer the phone, you can be sure that nothing has happened. I will let you all know if anything happens. Also, if you see me, please do not comment on how big I am. I see myself every day, and I struggle to fit into my maternity clothes. I am well aware that I am enormous. I do not want to be reminded. If you slip up and say something like "holy cow you are so huge! How can such a little person become so monstrous??" I will probably say something equally rude, even if you are a stranger. Like to the lady in the grocery store, who was no light-weight herself.

On an unrelated note, Abby has been sleeping with no diaper on! She decided last week that she was ready to try, and she is doing great! She has accidents now and then, but is usually dry in the mornings! We are very proud of her! Now we just need to wait for her to decide to poop in the potty. She says that she will do it when she is five.

Monday, November 06, 2006

5 Year Plans

I come from a family of planners. Growing up, we had family planning every Sunday night at 7 PM to discuss our various schedules for the coming week. We all had calendars and pencils in hand, and while it may seem a little strange to an outsider, it worked out really well. And it molded me into a planner. I devised my life into segments of 5 year plans, set goals and found ways to meet them. Well, I have run out of 5 year plans. I have attained everything important that I set out to do before I was 30. (well, except for delivering this second baby, that is...) I even got a rock tumbler and am almost done processing my first set of polished rocks! (Not all plans and goals are earth shattering). I suppose when I was "young" I just did not think I would ever get as "old" as 30, and would not have to plan that far ahead. Well, here I am, not quite 30, but still in need of a new 5 year plan. Would it be lame to say that for then next 5 years I plan to enjoy the things in my life that I have worked for, like my family, my home and my job (and my rock tumbler)? I think for the next 5 years that is precisley what I am going to do. And I will make frivolous goals, such as making sure I get my hair cut 4 times a year, not just when my sisters are going to see me, do the renovations in our house to make it the way we want, and go on a few nice holidays. I just feel like such an underachiever when there are not signifigant items on my list. Perhaps I will make that a 3 year plan, and then revise as necessary, since I did finish this current 5 year plan a couple of years early.

Oh! I think I am having a contraction! Hopefully this one will lead somewhere...