Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the dark side

Well, the bathroom reno is done! It looks great, although I have not taken pics yet. But I found out the dark side of renovating. Yes, I have a beautiful sparkly new bathroom, and it is wonderful. However. I also have a back yard filled with debris. Bathtub, sink, various plumbing things I cannot name, shower doors, boxes of tile and plaster, off cuts of drywall, cardboard. Ooh, and our Faux fireplace which I forgot was there until the snow started to melt. And an old fan, which still works, but Keith apparantly hates. He has tried to throw it away several times, and this time, I was too late to save it. I bet he will ask where it is this summer when he is sweating away on a project in his garage. Ha. Oh, and also a compter monitor, which sadly burnt out. So, Welcome to Wabasca! At least until we rent a truck to do a dump run.

Also, here are some pictures of my beautiful girls. They have nothing to do with the name of this post, by the way...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Todays Ramblings

Well, I have a couple of thoughts today. The first being, when I told Keith that it was time to have a baby, I did not realize that there would be days where my biggest accomplishment would be sucking out a booger from my baby's left nostril. Really. That huge thing was in there all day, going in and out every time she inhaled and exhaled... It was driving everyone crazy. I really felt like I had won a prize when I got it out! Thank goodness for the nasal aspirator I um, brought home, from the hospital.

The other thing is about crockpots. My sisters all swear by them, how they are so handy and make such delicious meals and all that. So, again wanting to fit in, I got one for Christmas this year. (well, actually TWO!) I have made several dinners. The first got burned. Yes, burned to a crisp in the crockpot. The pot roast was good, but I fail to see what the advantage of the crockpot here. It is just as easy to put it in the oven, and does not really save time because you still need to make the yorkshire pudding, mashed potatos and gravy, because that is the real reason to have pot roast in the first place. The other things I have made, including several soups, and a few chicken things, all come out this anaemic brown colour. And I noticed that the pictures of crockpot recipes in all of the books are also the same sludgy colour, so it is not just me. I am really grossed out by that colour. I cannot eat it. Especially after Keith pointed out that it turns that colour in your stomach anyway. So, I may retire my crockpot, and just try to be myself. I will cook my future stews on the stove, because I like my carrots to stay orange.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, I have not blogged in almost a month. Which is about the time we tore apart our bathroom, and began renovating. It is a big job, when you are working around 2 kiddos and a husband who works long and hard hours. So we get 10 minute increments randomly dispersed throughout the week to work on the bathroom. But I think another week and we will be done! It is looking very good, and soon my lifelong dream to have a beautiful clean bathroom will be realized. I have lived far too long with tubs that never look clean, grout that might have been white at one time, no shelves or cabinets, yellow water that stained all of the fixtures, and yes, even mushrooms growing in a spot where the wood was rotten and would never dry. I can't believe I admitted that on the internet. Disgusting. Even repeated doses of bleach did not kill them.

I have learned how to cut and install drywall, bought my first powertool, rented tools from Home Depot, laid some tile and grouted a floor. I still have some painting to do, hopefully tonight, and we have to put the mouldings and silicone around the tub. Then the fun part of buying new towels! I have not had new towels since I got married, and I am really excited! I love being a homeowner, because I do not have to put up with fungi growing in the WC.