Friday, February 16, 2007

V Day

Well, not to be out done by my sisters, (why is this such a theme in my life? hmm, perhaps a future blog about that...) I am posting our cookie making picture. Thank-goodness for Cookie Monster's Famous Cookie dough! It is a Payne tradition. Every boy we have ever woo'ed, or wished we were woo'ing has sampled this timeless recipe. And I must say, that the cookie method is tried and true, and works nearly every time. Abby gave cookies to our neighbors, and also made Valentine's day cards for the Mailman (taped onto the mailbox), the birds (placed on the front porch for the magpies to find) and the "Princess's at Disneyland" (which was mailed to the Disneyland hotel.) Happy Valentines Day to all. A very good excuse to make cookies.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Joining the Club

Some of my sisters are fitness freaks. Well, they are not freaks, they just really seem to like working out, counting WW points and - gasp - running. I have never done any of these things, because my Crohn's keeps me malnourished enough that if I ever do break the 100 mark, I save those pounds for the lean times coming... I have even been known to say that I would never run in my life again unless I was being chased by a bear or some such creature. I am not going to start running (sheesh, I am still sane!), but I have been thinking about getting fit. You see, I have several baby pounds hanging about that I would rather be rid of. And since I plan on seeing a naturopath after I am done breastfeeding, I have some confidence that I will be better able to manage the Chronies, and not have to keep the poundage in reserve. So. I have started doing my Yoga tapes. Holy Moly! It is really hard! I am not a very good Proud Warrior, and I absolutley cannot to the Triangle without falling down. It is hard to "feel my breath with the soles of my feet" when the Warrior's arms are burning and about to fall off. Another problem I am having is my junk food cravings. It makes it really hard to plan healthy family meals for the week when all I want is chocolate cake and gummy bears. But I will persevere.

And so it goes on

Well, my dear first born has incredible willpower. She is fighting the fibre. Which is why we are awake at this ridiculous hour, dealing with her issue. This means, her screaming, going into the bathroom every 3 minutes and then changing her mind. This goes on all day, every day. I am so tired and stressed about this. I cannot even leave the house with her this way. We get absolutely nothing done, and now we are not sleeping either. I feel like I am missing something in the parenting skills box because I am really sucking at this. I am trying really hard to remember that she is only 3 years old, and is not a rational human being yet. But I am getting so mad!