Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A few things Tuesday

Betina's Thursday posts are really fun to read, so I am going to try and post weekly too, even if is is just random goings on. So here we go.

On Sunday, during Sacrament meeting, just after the water prayer, the bishop gets up and tells us all that there is a bomb in the building and we have to evacuate. He is Chinese and has quite an accent, so it took us all a while to figure out what he was talking about. Quite the adventure. Turns out it was only a prank call, and the police traced it and have a suspect, who will be charged. The Primary presentation was supposed to be that day, so they are going to do it on fast sunday instead, in place of testimony meeting. Maybe they just do not want to hear everyone bearing their testimonies about the bomb...

Abby likes to play with Mina. When Mina is not in the mood, Abby will set a trail of food on the floor to make Mina come to where she wants her to play. She keeps a bowl of dry cheerios in her room for this purpose. It is her "Mina bait".

I am back at work now, it is going fine. My boss is really happy to have me back, which is nice to know. Mina hates being away from me, and it makes me feel so guilty, I really hope that she gets used to things soon. I am stressed about it...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Bathroom

One day, in my dream house, I will have my own bathroom. One that no one else is ever allowed to use. It will have:
  • A heated ceramic floor, so that there are never drops of water to step in
  • A heated towel rack too.
  • A double shower with seats for shaving my legs without having to balance like a flamingo.
  • Glass block window so that the neighbors cannot see inside when I am showering at night. Because the window film you buy at the store just does not do the job, apparantly.
  • A bidet, which I think every crohnie should have.
  • A built in window seat, so that i can just hang out in there and read when I need to get away. Also so I can just in there when I am sick.
  • A telephone so that I can talk to my sisters. For some reason, one of us is usually in the bathroom when we chat.
  • A really big cabinet where I can store many varieties of floss.
  • No bath toys.
  • A huge jetted tub, so that if I ever get pregnant again, which is not likely, I can have my baby at home. Or one of my sisters can come over and have a baby in my tub.
  • A cabinet with special lights for sterilizing my toothbrush.
I think that is it. I have discovered that I really want my own bathroom. Even Keith would not be able to use it, although he really quite pleasant to share a bathroom with, I just want my own. Maybe I would set up my sewing machine in there too.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Letter to my Kids Dayhome

Hi Nicole.
Well it is almost that time for me to go back to work! While I am happy to be back, I am also sad to leave little Mina. (Abby I am not sad about, because she loves you already!) So when I drop her off, I am going to just drop them off and run away so that I do not cry in front of them. So I thought I'd send you an e mail of all the things I would normally tell you that morning, if I wasn't running off like that.
  • Naps: Mina usually takes 2 naps in the day. One around 9 am , for 1 - 2 hours, and another around 2:30, again for 1 - 2 hours. I put her down tired, but awake. Sometimes she does not cry at all, sometimes she cries for about 10 minutes. Please don't let her go longer than 15 minutes (though it rarely comes to that). If you vary the time to suit your schedule better, that is okay, that is just what works for her here at home. I have no idea how she will do with other kids in the room. Do you have a crib/playpen for her?
  • Food: Mina is still nursing, but she can go the day without it. (we have done a few test runs). She does eat a variety of solid foods, so I know that she will not go hungry. She also drinks water from a sippy cup, but still needs help with it. Do you have a high chair? I will get a list of the foods she can eat for you. She still has not tried everything, so I would appreciate if you did not introduce new things to her. I can provide her food for you, if that would be easier or helpful. That is no problem at all, just let me know. Do you have a high chair?
  • Development: Mina can sit up, crawl, pull up to standing and walk along furniture. She can also crawl up (but not down) stairs and makes a bee line for them whenever she gets the chance. She knows the sign for "more". When she learns more signs, I will let you know.
  • Pets: So far Mina has been afraid of dogs. I am sure she will get used to Playful, but just so you know, the 3 she has met so far scare her...
  • Personality: Mina is a happy kid. She adores Abby. When she is tired she will pull her hair and turn her ankles in circles, and yawn, of course. She gets startled easily by loud sudden noises and cries. She likes to clap her hands and play peek a boo, and she really likes dolls, and banging 2 things together.
Please e mail or call me if you have any questions about her. I will e mail you if I think of anything else. You are probably think that I am acting like a neurotic mother. I can't help it...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

End of Summer

Well, summer is over. It is September long weekend already! We had a really fun summer this year. We went on 2 weekend camping trips, and got to see much of the fam on one of them, and we also got to go to Calgary and visit the zoo. I renovated the front entry, and we got started on the kitchen this week. Right now I am sanding down window frames to get ready for a fresh coat of paint to go with the new windows that are being installed next week. We had lots of fun playdates at the splash park, and Abby learned to ride her bike! Summer went by so quickly. It is almost time for me to go back to work, part time, which is mostly a good thing, although I will worry about Mina until she adjusts to her dayhome. Of course she will do fine, but it is my job to worry about my kids. I am excited about going back to work because I will have something of mine back. I will get to be alone, when I am driving there! It sounds really selfish to say so, but I really miss having a few minutes to myself. And I will get to chat with grown ups. After being around little people for almost a year, I just need some grown up space. I am so lucky to have a boss who I like, who is a family guy and allows me the flexibility to work only the hours I need to.