Sunday, November 18, 2012

Then Birds and the Bees, Sunday Edition

Today, on the drive to church, while negotiating slippery ice and snow covered roads...

Mina: mom, that stuff in a penis, that makes babies, what is it again?

Me: uh, you mean sperm?

Mina:  Yep. Sperm.  So how exactly does it get to the mom's eggs?

Me:  Nearly driving into the median..... then explaining the specifics...

a minute passes...  while I anticipate the next big questions....

Mina:  China rhymes with vagina!  china vagina china vagina....

Me:  (praying to myself)  please Lord let this conversation be over before we go into the chapel...

Just another Sunday morning in the mini van.  I have a feeling that many important conversations are going to happen while driving in this minivan.  

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The week in review

 Abby had a piece of artwork choosen to display at the Centre for Education this year!  Art teachers all around the city submitted about 1500 works of art.  150 were choosen and Abby was among them!  We are so proud of her!  Abby''s is the art on top in the frame behind her.

reason #174 why the girls like Daddy best: he adds a scoop of ice cream to the smoothies.
 This baby has been all smiles! I really need to do side-by-side pics if all my girls, it's as though I keep having the same baby over and over again! Mom says we must have found a recipe that works, and I think she is right.
 The Tooth Fairy has visited our house twice in one week! So very exciting!