Friday, February 10, 2012

A Funny Keith Story

A few weeks ago Keith told me this story.  For some reason, I could not stop laughing about it this morning!  Keith used to work for a guy who was a bit, flakey.  This guy went on mystic yoga retreats, only ate raw foods, and had crystals hanging in his window.  (Not that these things alone make someone flaky.  I'm just giving a little background here...)  So.  The plumbers would have staff meetings once in while, and the boss was really into "team building" and so on.  One time, he made all of the guys look eachother in the eyes for 60 seconds each.  So Keith had to sit there, looking deeply into the eyes of all his co-workers.  Including the guy who had only one eye, and the other was made of glass. They were supposed to be doing this so that they could see eachother as fellow human beings. 

I love my collection of funny stories about my loved ones.  My kids especially love hearing the ones about Gramma (specifically Windstorm, Hot Pepper and Butter Dish.)  Uncle Sean and his Flip Flops is also popular around here.   We should make a book... 

So there ya go.   Todays ha ha.  

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Post Script

(SO much better than just PS, don't cha think?)

After going to bed last night, I thought I should have posted a picture of Keith's side of the counter around the fridge.  It contains: A coffee maker and a kettle, the sugar bowl and spoon.  And that is all.  If anything somehow lands on that side of the counter, a hair elastic, a book, a roll of tape, anything, it is promptly brought to MY side of the counter.  This is mirrored also in the state of our bed in the AM.  On my side, the blankets are all tangled up in knots, and on his side, you can barely tell that someone was even sleeping there.  I'm not sure what this means about Keith and I as people, or as a couple, or about our states of mind, but it sure is funny to me... ( there is a small chance that sometimes I put random objects on his side of the counter just to see what happens to them....) 

On another subject, being pregnant gives me weird, detailed dreams, that are really long and super crazy. And I always remember them.  Sometimes I look forward to going to sleep so I can find out what strange things await in my dreams... For example, last night, I had this very involved dream about a bizzare family holiday.  In part of this dream, Keith wanted to grow his hair long again, and was tired of waiting.  So, he got extentions.  

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Dear Betina,

I hoped maybe that showing you my counter top of doom might make you feel better.  On it you can see the following:
  • Knitting project.
  • Abby's reading log, DNA folder and homework.
  • Book about the politics of birth.  ( I know, I know...)
  • Cheque book with no cheques left in it, reminding me to order more.
  • Take out menu.  Because sometimes I resort to pizza just to get Mina to eat SOMETHING without telling me how disgusting it is.  
  • Tax forms and what not that I still need to file.  Better yet, I need to just do the taxes for last year...
  • Many sticky notes with lists of things I need to do/buy/plan/think about.
  • Some other things that are under the pile that I forgot about.  
And  on the wall behind the phone is are "awards" that the girls made for me, for being a great mom. 
We all have a counter of doom.  Mine haunts me too.  But then I look up and see my trophy's and go back to building the lego towers because that is how I earned the awards. (And under the counter of doom is our "Drawer of Requirement."  If there is anything you need, it will be there.  Except the SSRI's of course.  Those are kept locked up.)