Friday, March 08, 2013

good Mom, Bad Mom, random complaints and observations

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours, yes, 2 hours - the entire amount of precious baby-is-miraculously-napping time avaliable to me that day, cleaning the playroom. After several requests for the kids to do it had failed, I took matters into my own hands. It was beautiful when I was done. You could see the carpet. I dusted. The playhouse looked like real toys actually lived there, and not like a trailer park after a tornado. Good Mom!

Then my girls came home. And, it turns out I accidentally garbaged a special item. Bad Mom! I thought is was broken, so I tossed it. But, alas, it was not broken. Many tears were shed.
Mom brings in the trash, and goes through the stinky garbage bag, searching among the combined kitchen/toy room garbage for said item. Gets covered in garbage water. Good Mom!

While searching, children see other broken and mismatched items that they simply cannot live without. Mom says no. Biggest girl fight ever ensues. Husband comes home at the height of biggest girl fight ever.  Not a proud moment. Bad Mom.

So exhausting...  also, Today Leia was having a very hard won nap. I decided to tape a "baby is sleeping" sign over the door bell. Good Mom! I needed to make sure the tape stuck to the frozen doorframe. So I pushed really hard, and the doorbell rings continuously, waking up said sleeping baby. Bad Mom...

Sometimes it is hard to win.

When searchng the internets for girls dress tutorials and patterns, why is it so darn hard to find one with sleeves? I don't live in a warm place! My kids hate to have to wear T shirts under dresses, or sweaters over.  Sleeves are attractive!   They are not had to sew!  Come on blog world!!