Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A few things Tuesday

Betina's Thursday posts are really fun to read, so I am going to try and post weekly too, even if is is just random goings on. So here we go.

On Sunday, during Sacrament meeting, just after the water prayer, the bishop gets up and tells us all that there is a bomb in the building and we have to evacuate. He is Chinese and has quite an accent, so it took us all a while to figure out what he was talking about. Quite the adventure. Turns out it was only a prank call, and the police traced it and have a suspect, who will be charged. The Primary presentation was supposed to be that day, so they are going to do it on fast sunday instead, in place of testimony meeting. Maybe they just do not want to hear everyone bearing their testimonies about the bomb...

Abby likes to play with Mina. When Mina is not in the mood, Abby will set a trail of food on the floor to make Mina come to where she wants her to play. She keeps a bowl of dry cheerios in her room for this purpose. It is her "Mina bait".

I am back at work now, it is going fine. My boss is really happy to have me back, which is nice to know. Mina hates being away from me, and it makes me feel so guilty, I really hope that she gets used to things soon. I am stressed about it...

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