Monday, October 30, 2006


Well, pumpkin time is here. So we brought home a big ol pumpkin and set Abby to decorating it. I gave her some paint, expecting that she would paint the jack o lantern face, and then I would cut out the shapes. Well, she did her own thing and it is so cool! She covered the entire pumpkin with colourful paint, and then asked for glitter to sprinkle over it. It is so neat what kids will come up with when they are not jaded by what a halloween pumpkin is "supposed" to look like. I think most of us become adults and forget about real creativity. At least, I have...

I am going to try to post a few pictures here, hopefully it works. One is Abby with her pumpkin, and another showcases my enormous inflated size. Baby is still not here yet, and I am getting even bigger than I was with Abby - I did not make it this far along with her. So here it is, have a good laugh. I just might have to join my exercise fanatic sisters in their butter boycott after this is all said and done...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cat Poo

One year ago, we moved into our little house, and since then, our cat (whose name is Fisch) has been pooing on the laundry room floor. Every day, without fail, sometimes even two times a day. It drives me crazy! I was soo mad at her, and started actually to hate and resent her. I was totally convinced that she was doing it just to piss me off. I stopped being nice to her, stopped petting her and letting her cuddle with me. I would leave the door open for an extra second hoping that she would escape and get lost. In fact, the only reason I did not let her get away is because Abby loves her so much. I was just so tired of cleaning up that poo all of the time! She was getting all mangy and pulling our all of her fur too. I would wake up and the (white) kitchen floor would be covered in tufts of cat hair, and Fisch would have yet another bald spot...

Well, I think I have solved the problem. I started buying a different food for her, because since I no longer work, I don't make it over to the place where I used to buy her food. And, since this new food, she has only pooed on the floor a couple of times! I think her food was making her sick, and that is why she became a mangy, fur pulling, floor pooping beast.

I feel terrible that I withdrew all of my cat motherly affection from her. I really had no clue that she might be sick, I just thought that she hated me. I am so glad that she is better! I am going to go and pet her. Poor Kitty.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Thanksgiving was this last weekend, and even though I did not have any turkey dinner (I know! A travesty! I might make one soon...), I have many things to be thankful for. I have been feeling like my life is so happy right now, so many of the things are "just right".

I have an incredible husband who I adore, and adores me. Once I was driving to Slave Lake with a girl from high school who I had not spoken to for a long time, and she asked me what Keith is like. At first, it was hard to answer her question, but once I got started, there was just so much to say. I think I ended up talking about him for at least an hour! He is kind, thoughtful and makes me laugh. He is creative, and can fix nearly everything. I don't think I have enough blog space to sing all of his praises... There are so many great things about him, I am so happy to call him my husband and that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

I get to be Abby's mummy! She is such a great little girl. I know you all have heard all of the corny things about being a parent and how it changes your life, and so on and so forth, but they are all true, and it is overwhelming. Every night when I am cuddling with her before bedtime, I just feel like I have won the lottery again. And I get to be someone else's mummy soon too! It just astounds me that I get to have so much happiness in my life.

Because of my being pregnant, my Crohn's is in remission, and that is wonderful. Even though I have all sorts of complaints about being 8 months along, it is WAY better than the way my body usually feels... I try to think about this at night when it is impossible to get a good nights sleep.

I am also thankful for my home. We were fortunate to be able to buy a house before the real estate market here expolded. It feels so good to have set a goal, and worked really hard to reach it, and be able to enjoy it.

On a totally unrelated note, Abby has lost her childhood innocence. She had a balloon for about a week, and she loved it so much. Then she got the idea that she wanted to trace the letters on it with a sharp pencil. And of course, the balloon popped. It was the first time this has happened. Usually, she takes such good care of her balloons that they eventually deflate and shrink. Not so traumatic. Well, the look on her face was so heartbreaking, especially when I had to tell her, that no, Daddy cannot fix a popped balloon. It is such a harsh world.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I know I have not blogged in a while. I am sorry, Betina and Eve (no one else reads this, I am sure.) It is just that right now, my life is overwhelmed with waiting. waiting. I am too pregnant to do anything fun, as I cannot walk 3 blocks without needing to stop and catch my breath. Seriously, I tried walking to the grocery store today with Abby. My maternity clothes are getting too small, and considering that there are only a few weeks left, I REFUSE to buy anything new. So I have to hike my pants up every few steps I take, and pull my shirts down to cover my belly. I am too tired to have any witty comments about everyday life with a husband and three year old, and I am not a world traveller with exotic locales to report about.

Also, my mother was here over night for 2 nights in a row. Since my only readers are my own siblings, that is probably explanation enough for me to stay in hiding for at least a month while I recover.