Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things I want to Always Remember about my kids

  • Abby's imaginary friend "Spider". She uses her fingers to make him, and he plays with us all the time. I have a spider too "Big Spider" and hers is "Little Spider".
  • Abby's favourite cuddle buddy Ghost, and her red striped vegetable blanket. Note to self, never go away without it! Many tears are shed, right Patience?
  • Abby's rats nest after she wakes up.
  • The sad little drawings and letters that Abby delivers to me when she is angry or sad.
  • Mina's trilling sound that she loves to make. It is like a rolling R. I have no idea how she does it. Maybe because she only has front teeth?
  • Mina's birth. Wow.
  • The way Mina hits her chest when she is excited. Like a gorilla, it is so cute, but she ends up with odd bruises, especially when she does it while holding something hard.

Those are just a few. Now I must go and play pirates. Arr.

Monday, July 30, 2007

A little Update

Hello all,

Here are some things that have been going on in the humble home of ours.
  • Mina can stand in her crib! She is growing up, I must shed a tear.
  • Mina LOVES Abby's princess couch. She climbs up onto it, and ooh's and aah's four like 15 minutes while touching the faces of the princess's. She also has the same reaction to dolls. Definately a girl!
  • Abby put on a pair of plain white underwear the other day. She usually chooses princess ones, but it was laundry day. So, she puts these white ones on, and walks around pretending to be Mummy! "Look, I am Mummy. I have boring panties." Well, guess who is going shopping for exciting panties this week?? I can't believe I have become the boring pantie person. Needless to say, I am embasassed.
  • I have tiled our front entry! It looks beautiful! I am going to paint this week. I love doing this stuff! All of the HGTV I watch is really paying off! And, I found this store near my house called the "ReStore" where builders donate extra stuff, and I buy it for really cheap. So awesome. I learned to use a manual tile cutter (there is a trick to it! Good thing I bought extra tiles!)
  • Keith has built another computer. Now we have the main one, which is super duper high tech, I have no idea about it's credentials, but Keith says it is top notch, also a "file storage" computer, set up in the laundry room, and a "media centre" under the TV. I am rolling my eyes. Keith is sure that I will show some WAF as soon as I figure it all out. (WAF: Wife Approval Factor among the techie computer people.) I am happy for him.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pictures - Finally

I would post more but Blogger is going very slowwww right now.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


It is soooo hot here. It has been above 30 degrees all week and I am about to die. I hate the heat anyway, and this is just too much. We have been hiding in the basement all day, except for when we went to the air conditioned mall. We would have stayed there all day, but Mina needed her nap, and we ran out of loonies for the rides, and Abby kept on finding things that she just MUST have, like golden shoes, flip flops, a beaded purse, and a garden hoe. I was about to buy her the new camoing chair, but then she had a bit of a tantrum, so home to the oven we went. I was tired of saying NO. It makes me feel like a meanie. Did I mention how much I hate the heat? I would rather have 30 below zero, at least then I could warm up in the house. There is nothing I can do to cool down. Our window AC unit fell out of the window last summer and broke. That was a very sad sad day. Woe is me.

This weekend we are going camping! We are going to a lake with lots of trees, so it should be cooler than staying home would be. If it cools down we are going to go berry picking too. Also we need to try out the new tent we bought. I have a few new camping recipes we are excited to try too, like boil-a-bag omlettes and some kebabs. It will be nice to have a weekend away. I hope Mina does alright.

I have so many pics to post, of Abby's awesome birthday party and horse ride, but Keith is in the middle of building his new computer right now, and the photo stuff is not installed yet. I promise I will do a whole blog of pics as soon as I can.