Saturday, March 31, 2012

To Neti or not to Neti

I have an awful sinus cold.  I have been sick for a mere 2 days and I feel so awful I can't stop complaining about it.  I can't take my usual cold and sinus miracle pill due to the gestating baby.  Therefore, I have been searching for internets answers, and all searches lead to the Neti Pot.  Which, if you have not looked at the youtube video yet, involves pouring saline water into one nostril and letting in drain out the other.  This idea kind of freaks me out a bit.  Will it even help me?  I'm not stuffed up, rather I am leaking from my nose and eyes continuously.  With a bad headache to boot.  It's not a sinus infection - I've had those before, this is "just" a cold.  There is no way I can go to work on Monday like this!  I'd have to stuff cotton rolls up my nostrils under my mask.  (Just for the record, I have NEVER done that!  But I know people who have.) And that is even grosser than pouring liquid onto my nasal cavities.  Have you tried it?  Did it work?  Did it make things worse? Is the internet crazy?  (it is, FYI.  One person suggested I "peroxide my ears". ???)

Also, as a side note, isn't is weird how all the baby develpment books compare the size of a fetus to various kinds of produce?  Anyone who has grown zucchini knows the wide range of what a "small zucchini" could be.  Couldn't they just uses inches instead? 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Squirmy Baby!

Here she is, baby girl Nixon #3.  I went to a private ultrasound clinic and it was fantastic!  They were so nice to me.  They gave me a fluffy spa bathrobe to keep warm, and had a flat screen in front of me so that I could watch the exam as they did it. I agreed to have a student do part of it which was nice because the experienced tech was there commenting and discussing what we were looking at while the student did it.  So here's a plug for them!  Canadian Diagnostic Centres is a great place for an ultrasound!  I went twice, as the baby was not in the right position for a few of the views they needed.  Each time the wait was minimal, a few minutes really.  They were kind and friendly, and were more than happy for Keith and the girls to come in after the exam.  The waiting room was not bursting at the seams with people and I loved that.  It was busy, but people were taken in right away. They know how to schedule appointments and stay on time. Very much appreciated. 

And, of course, everyone is telling me about how they know someone whose ultrasound said girl, but it was really a boy, so I should not loose hope.  For Goodness Sake!  Enough already!

PS I've never posted a video before, so I hope this worked.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

pregnancy weirdness #87

Today at church, Mina was sitting in (what remains of ) my lap, and eating raisins.  When I got home and changed out of my church clothes, a bunch of raisins fell out of my cleavage. 

And, just FYI, if another person tells my about how this one MUST be a boy, and maybe I'll finally get a boy, or some such comment, I am going to scream.  Boys are great and all, but we make awfully incredible girls here in the Nixon home!  My life is not going to be lesser if I fail to produce a boy. (Ultrasound is Wednesday! I'm very excited to find out the gender of this babe so that I can get sewing!) 

Also, if another person comments on "Wow, August, are you sure? You're so big already!"  Uh, yes I am sure.  So shut it, you rude stranger/friend/person. What's Your excuse for the extra poundage, huh?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wisdom from Abby

On Friday, after a busy day, Abby said to me, "mom, I had a really good day today."  So I asked her what was so good about her day, expecting to hear something like how well her book report went, or the home reading prize she selected, or something fun that happened at recess.  You know, the usual expected school stuff.  Instead, she surprised me.  "I saw a Smart Car, a guy with a cool moustache, and a blue jay."  And I thought about that for the rest of the day, and the next day too.  Her response makes me really happy!  And it reminded me about simplicity, and beauty.  And how sometimes we "miss the forest for all the trees".  I know I do,  on a busy day.  It is so easy to forget all of the good and beautiful and simple things that make me happy.  I am going to remember smart cars, moustaches and blue jays. 

I am also going to clean out my car because the melty spring smell gags me and distracts me from beautiful things. I know there is a rotting piece of fruit in there, somewhere. Also, no one will buy the lovely little Toyota if it still has goldfish crushed into the carpet....  Reccomendations of mini vans anyone? Thanks.