Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We Miss Auntie

Sigh, beloved Auntie, sister and nanny NuNu has been away for a week now. We sure miss her! I miss having so many stylish pairs of shoes on my shoe rack - and they almost fit me, so I could pretend they were mine and that I knew something about fashion. I miss all of her shopping bags, she would come home after being at the mall and give us fashion shows of all the things she found that day. I miss coming home to a fresh batch of cookies. Nunu would wake up, promptly at 2, and start baking up a storm. And she always shared. Now, I have to start baking cookies regularly again, because there is nothing as depressing as an empty cookie jar. I miss hearing the giggles from when Abby would crawl into bed with Nunu and pretend to be a bear in a cave under the blankets. I miss being able to say "go see what Auntie is doing" when Abby was driving me crazy and needed something to do while I made dinner. Abby misses her too, and really loves sleeping in Nawana's old bed. She says that she dreams of Auntie sleeping there too. She misses the walks to Starbucks to get strawberry frappuccino's on a nice day. Keith misses reading fashion magazines, well, so do I. Mina misses impromptu piano concerts - Nawana would play very complicated songs, and Mina and Abby would dance around the living room. It was so cute.

We hope things are going well in Mississauga, and that your ugly nurse shoes are at least very comfortable. We love you Nunu!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We are back! We had such a fun and relaxing time at the Happiest Place on Earth! (Which to Keith was the one and only smoking section in Tomorrowland.) So after taking a car, 2 airplanes and a bus, we arrived at the wrong hotel. So "Judy" called for a golf cart to come and pick us up, and what appeared, but a fancy schmancy Cadillac - a sign of things to come. Abby asked if she had to take her shoes off in it, it was so nice. The Grand hotel was so amazing and beautiful. I miss sleeping in the bed, having a newspaper delivered in the morning, and the double vanity and cozy robes that we wore to the pool. It was really high class, nothing like the KOA Disney holidays of childhood. Not a can of Chunky soup in sight! Just nice ladies asking us if we needed turn down service (I had to ask what that was. It involved fluffy pillows and chocolate. Two of my favourite things!) For me the hotel was really the highlight. I may plan all future vacations based on if we can afford a top hotel.

Our first morning there, we went to California Adventure, which was all decked out for Halloween with candy corn growing on the palm trees. Abby LOVED Soaring over California, and was making a joke later about "walking over California", ha ha. Keith, mom and I did the big rollercoaster, (which we could see from our balcony!) and Abby went on the carousel too. Then it was time for lunch at Ariels Grotto. Holy moley. Princesses galore. Abby had the Christmas morning look on her face for the entire event, and I got all teary seeing her so excited. Then we went to Disneyland, where I made the mistake of taking Abby on Snow Whites Scary Adventure (not reading the sign before going into it.) It was very scary. Abby would only go on outdoor rides that were not scary, loud or dark after that. So we spent lots of time at Dumbo, Tea Cups, and the Carousel. Although we did get her to go on Pirates then next day, which she says she liked, even though she was complaining about how wet her Belle dress was, and hiding her eyes the whole time... Her big highlight was the Princess Vanity Faire, where she got 1 on 1 time with 3 princesses - for 1/2 an hour! She brought a picture of them that she had drawn, and got to show them and chat and dance with them. She did have a bit of trouble explaining to Pocahantas why she was not included in the drawing... It was so cute to see her in that princess dress, having such a magical time. She also really liked the parade and the Jungle Cruise. Keith and I loved Space Mountain, which I think is my fav "fast" disney ride.

We had such a fun time! It was relaxing and happy and fun! Our pics are not digital this time, but I will try and post some after I get the negs scanned and put on CD. Thank you dad and mom for taking us on this really great holiday, and for all of the magic that Abby got to experience! We are planning to go again at Christmas time, when the girls are a few years older, I am going to save me pennies so that we can stay at the Grand again!