Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things I want to Always Remember about my kids

  • Abby's imaginary friend "Spider". She uses her fingers to make him, and he plays with us all the time. I have a spider too "Big Spider" and hers is "Little Spider".
  • Abby's favourite cuddle buddy Ghost, and her red striped vegetable blanket. Note to self, never go away without it! Many tears are shed, right Patience?
  • Abby's rats nest after she wakes up.
  • The sad little drawings and letters that Abby delivers to me when she is angry or sad.
  • Mina's trilling sound that she loves to make. It is like a rolling R. I have no idea how she does it. Maybe because she only has front teeth?
  • Mina's birth. Wow.
  • The way Mina hits her chest when she is excited. Like a gorilla, it is so cute, but she ends up with odd bruises, especially when she does it while holding something hard.

Those are just a few. Now I must go and play pirates. Arr.

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