Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, I have not blogged in almost a month. Which is about the time we tore apart our bathroom, and began renovating. It is a big job, when you are working around 2 kiddos and a husband who works long and hard hours. So we get 10 minute increments randomly dispersed throughout the week to work on the bathroom. But I think another week and we will be done! It is looking very good, and soon my lifelong dream to have a beautiful clean bathroom will be realized. I have lived far too long with tubs that never look clean, grout that might have been white at one time, no shelves or cabinets, yellow water that stained all of the fixtures, and yes, even mushrooms growing in a spot where the wood was rotten and would never dry. I can't believe I admitted that on the internet. Disgusting. Even repeated doses of bleach did not kill them.

I have learned how to cut and install drywall, bought my first powertool, rented tools from Home Depot, laid some tile and grouted a floor. I still have some painting to do, hopefully tonight, and we have to put the mouldings and silicone around the tub. Then the fun part of buying new towels! I have not had new towels since I got married, and I am really excited! I love being a homeowner, because I do not have to put up with fungi growing in the WC.

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Betina said...

You have always, and will always, be the mechanically-inclined-actually-reads-the-directions-and-follow-them sister.

You go girl!