Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the dark side

Well, the bathroom reno is done! It looks great, although I have not taken pics yet. But I found out the dark side of renovating. Yes, I have a beautiful sparkly new bathroom, and it is wonderful. However. I also have a back yard filled with debris. Bathtub, sink, various plumbing things I cannot name, shower doors, boxes of tile and plaster, off cuts of drywall, cardboard. Ooh, and our Faux fireplace which I forgot was there until the snow started to melt. And an old fan, which still works, but Keith apparantly hates. He has tried to throw it away several times, and this time, I was too late to save it. I bet he will ask where it is this summer when he is sweating away on a project in his garage. Ha. Oh, and also a compter monitor, which sadly burnt out. So, Welcome to Wabasca! At least until we rent a truck to do a dump run.

Also, here are some pictures of my beautiful girls. They have nothing to do with the name of this post, by the way...

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