Friday, March 23, 2007

Todays Ramblings

Well, I have a couple of thoughts today. The first being, when I told Keith that it was time to have a baby, I did not realize that there would be days where my biggest accomplishment would be sucking out a booger from my baby's left nostril. Really. That huge thing was in there all day, going in and out every time she inhaled and exhaled... It was driving everyone crazy. I really felt like I had won a prize when I got it out! Thank goodness for the nasal aspirator I um, brought home, from the hospital.

The other thing is about crockpots. My sisters all swear by them, how they are so handy and make such delicious meals and all that. So, again wanting to fit in, I got one for Christmas this year. (well, actually TWO!) I have made several dinners. The first got burned. Yes, burned to a crisp in the crockpot. The pot roast was good, but I fail to see what the advantage of the crockpot here. It is just as easy to put it in the oven, and does not really save time because you still need to make the yorkshire pudding, mashed potatos and gravy, because that is the real reason to have pot roast in the first place. The other things I have made, including several soups, and a few chicken things, all come out this anaemic brown colour. And I noticed that the pictures of crockpot recipes in all of the books are also the same sludgy colour, so it is not just me. I am really grossed out by that colour. I cannot eat it. Especially after Keith pointed out that it turns that colour in your stomach anyway. So, I may retire my crockpot, and just try to be myself. I will cook my future stews on the stove, because I like my carrots to stay orange.


Betina said...

Yeah Serinda Minnie! Here's to being yourself.

Crockpots are good for days when you have a little bit of time in the morning and no time to cook the rest of the day.

There are some things that I prefer to do on the stove or in the oven, but I do love to make spagetti sauce and chili in the crock pot. It is also very good for beans.

Betina said...

ps - Nawana told me all sorts of great Abby stories, and I have to ask why you don't post them !!?? I would love to see her drawings, or hear about her antics on your blog, esp since I see her so infrequently :(.