Monday, April 16, 2007

The junkfood thing

I had said that I would join my sister in the no junkfood on weekdays idea. Well, that will not work for me, because if I do that, then on Sunday night I will eat: 1 hotdog, 1 family size fruit and nut bar and 2 bowls of sherbert - oh and a coke. All because I know that it will be another week until I can have yummy things again. The thing is, that is more junk than I would normally eat in a whole week. So I am just going to be mindful about the size of the junky portions that I want. I never believed in denying oneself pleasure anyway. What an awful way to live.

In family news, Mina has started eating rice cereal, and loves it! She has also discovered her toes. Very cute. Abby really misses her cousins, and wants to go back. I fit into my old jeans, even after Sunday's binge! So, no reason to be crazy and deny myself the occasional coke. Sheesh. that is just not me. And it is officially spring time. Raking the grass yesterday (which is dead, so I thought it would be safe) brought on the seasonal allergies that make me spout water from my eyes and nose all day long, uncontrollable sneezing fits and other unpleasantries. And as much as I love nursing Mina, I am so excited for next spring, as I will not be nursing then, and can battle nature with many pharmaceuticals.


Eve said...

i dont understand- you cant take allergy meds bc you're nursing?

I dont deny myself the things i really love either...i have chocolate every day of my life, and i love it.

Patience said...

serinda, hot dogs are the nastiest things ever! lol. i didn't eat junk food this whole week except for this evening cause i had a really good date with this cool guy and we went to a place called "the chocolate bar". i had a great piece of home made dark chocolate cake. YUM. and now i feel like i'm good for the week. although i know i will cave. my self motivation is low in certain areas. :)