Friday, June 30, 2006

I am a Genius

I had an incredibly great idea today. To make Smores with NUTELLA!!! mmm that would be so good. I am going to reserve our camping spot right now... In fact, I may even try making them on the BBQ because they sound so yummy, and I am very food-suggestible these days, ( I am 22 weeks pregnant.) You could even put a layer of bananas on them. Just think. Graham cracker, nutella, banana, marshmallow, nutella and another graham cracker. Pure heaven. I really am a genius.


Eve said...

yum, yum- I am going to try that! remember when we were little, santa always brought each of us our very own jar of natella? Ummm, he was good to us :)

Betina said...

MMM Nutella.

Wait a minute! You guys got your own nutella? Where was I?!

I just remember sneaking it from the basement food storgage and lying through my teeth about it, even when Dad said he was going to take fingerprints from the bottle and whoever's prints were there would not be going to Disneyland. I STILL lied.

Hmmm. Maybe this is why Santa never brought me nutella.

Either that or I ate it so quickly I was in a chocolate-induced haze for the rest of Christmas.

Good idea, though.