Monday, June 26, 2006

first try

Well, I have to join the blogging club to be like my sisters. I titled it "meagre offerings" because my life is pretty normal, and nothing much out of the ordinary happens. Except for yesterday. I told my meddlesome and hateful Grandmother off! I am still a bit shocked that I did it, afterall, she is an old lady, but man, it was a long time coming. Am I a bad person? I really was quite mean. But on the other hand, she said something really awful that hurt my feelings, and I just cannot listen to her saying bad things about people who I love. She does it all the time and thinks that she can get away with it because she is old, and the family matriarch. I have not spoken to her since, and part of me is feeling really guilty. But another part of me is sticking my tongue out at her and saying "ha!" Take that you meanie!!


Eve said...

man, i know what you mean about the g-ma-- don't feel too badly. Hopefully she gets the points and starts to treat certain members of the family a little nicer.

Welcome to blogging! IM a newcomer too--

Betina said...

I maintain my position... GOOD FOR YOU, Serinda Minnie.

You have the courage needed to put her in her place.

Has anyone told Dad?

Keep blogging, btw. Tell us stories of cute and brilliant abby and the baby to be... Meena I shall call her, just for fun.