Friday, June 20, 2014

A Fresh Start!

Well, I'm obviously not a very good blogger. It all started when I got an I Pad. I couldn't figure out how to use it to blog, and when I finally got the blogging app for it, I found it difficult to use. So I did not do it. And coming all the way downstairs and sitting in front of the computer just seemed so archaic and cumbersome....  And then my Crohns started kicking my butt and all of the extra things in life, like blogging, among other things, were crossed off of my to do list. When the Chronies come knocking, I go into surrvival mode, and just do the necessities. and not even that, sometimes. But, I am working on getting back into life, and trying to start doing the things I like to do again, even though the Chronies are still finding new and creative ways to attack me. I am going to try and get my life back. So there, Chrones. We are having an awful tug of war it seems.

Anyway. I think in order to successfully blog, I need to approach things differently. I need to be myself, and not compare my blog to others, and feel less than, less creative, less funny, less beautiful photographs and so on. I think I am going to try to do weekly posts, which will probably involve a lot of bullet lists about random things. There may be some pretty pictures, there may be some witty humour, and there may also be some swearing. Because sometimes I do that. Lets see if I can keep it up.

So here is little insight into how this week has been.

  • Work has been really busy. But I am really good at my job, even though I am a little bored by it. Sometimes I wish I could switch careers but not have to start at the bottom of the payscale. 
  • Summer holidays have been booked!  We are visiting Calgary for a couple of days to spend time with family and then on to Canmore to explore the mountains. I am getting very excited for this! 
  • Leia has discovered Cabbage Patch dolls.Well, one in particular. Her name is Dolly, and Leia looooves her. She dresses, diapers, nurses and takes Dolly for walks. It is really very cute. I remember getting one for Christmas in the 1980's. She came with a horrible name, so I changed it to Karen Lucy, the most beautiful name I could think of. I was also very jelous that Betinas doll had a better hairstyle than mine did. 
  • I had a run in with a stranger at VV today. I was looking around at the kids clothes, and this toddler was there, taking Dolly away from Leia, and being a baby bully. Mom was nowhere to be seen. After 3 or 4 times of me giving Leia back her Dolly, the boy starts shrieking. Mom comes out of the changing rooms, finds us and gave ME heck for making her kid cry!!!!  Really??? Supervise your kid lady. Don't abandom him in this store while you are trying on clothes and then give ME heck because he is a little shit and taking my kids toy away over and over. geez.  
  • I know I said I was not going to plant anything in the garden, but I did afterall. I planted some tomatos and peppers, in hopes of using them for my salsa this fall. But the leaves on the pepper plants are turning kind of yellow. Why??? Any insight? Maybe the soil is too wet or too dry or not draining properly? Too much sun? Not enough? This is why I wasn't going to plant anything. It always goes wrong on me. We will see with the tomatoes though. The last time I planted them, I got pounds and pounds of tomatoes, with rotten black bottoms. What a waste. I will try to hope for the best. 
  • My CSA baskets start this weekend! I am so excited to pick it up! Maybe I will ask the farmer what to do about my pepper plants. 
  • Keith is taking Abby out back woods camping/hiking this weekend. They have spent all week packing and re packing their back packs and sampling dehydrated meals. His mom, bless her heart, is concerned about bears, and "crazy people on quads". I am more worried about mosquitos, sunburn, and Abby's seasonal allergies. Note to self: pick up some Claritin for her. 
And there you have it. Happy Friday! 

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