Thursday, June 26, 2014


Today I ran into one of my favourite high school teachers. Mr. Mosher  taught me English. Seeing him this morning really made my day. I was thinking about all of my Slave Lake memories that are good, you know, Rex theatre, the beach, the sky, high school shenanigans, driving in cars with boys, jumping into the river before math class, acing my English departmental exam, graduating a semester early, before anyone else in my class, the poplars and the sound they make before it rains. I was getting so excited to maybe bring my girls there this summer and show them. 

And then I remembered the day that my home town burned down. And my parents broken marriage finally shattering into a million pieces. And I thought, I would have to show my girls the house. And when I see it, I will probably turn into Jenny, from Forrest Gump, and throw rocks at it, and fall down sobbing in the dirt. And I don't know what to do with this. 

I am still gad I saw you, Mr. Mosher. You are a fantastic teacher. I might bring the girls up this summer. I really do love the sound of the poplars before the rain, and I want my girls to hear it. 

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Eve said...

I often think about visiting slave lake... I would love to go an wish it wasnt so far a trip for me. I think it would be great... I would stay with a friend though, not the mansion ;)