Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Abby keeps on telling me that I have to blog things. And she is right. I have not really done any since being back at work. Blogging is one of the many things that have fallen by the wayside. There are not enough hours in the day, or days in the week, anymore. While I tend to tooth aches, fillings, and crowns, things are being left undone. Like washing the floor. Bringing the cans and milk jugs in for recycling. Visits with friends. Blogging.  I just had to stop doing things.

So, here is the update. We are all good here. Abby is becoming a very accomplished piano player. She is so happy that the new season of Dr. Who has started. We really enjoy watching this together as a family. Mina has a wonderful teacher, who has captured her imagination with something OTHER THAN My Little Pony. It takes an amazing teacher to do this, the pull of the Pony is very strong. But now, Mina is also creating stories, art and pictures about bats. Thank you Mrs. Fotty. We finally took a family picture that I like!  We had many failed attempts over tha past 18 months, which was causing me great distress. Hopefully I will be on the ball enough to get some into the mail with Christmas cards. Leia is doing well too. She is busy busy and on the go all of the time. She loves Christmas lights! So much fun to drive with her squealing from her carseat each time we pass a house with Christmas lights on.

I know this is rather a lame post. But I have no fun pictures accessible right now, I will try to add some soon. Also, I am really missing my sisters, and am rather sad for this. Thinking about them being so far away makes me resent their American husbands, and I know that this is irrational and wrong.  I need to stop feeling this way and assigning blame.  (I know that you all have very loving and wonderful husbands, please don't think otherwise. I just miss you all.)  So it's hard to be up beat and chatty and bloggie. Boo hoo, pity party for me. Are we going to do a sister trip this year? We should. I have airmiles!

Oh for goodness sake. Leia just unzipped the bean bag chair.

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Betina said...

The pull of the pony is strong indeed.