Friday, February 10, 2012

A Funny Keith Story

A few weeks ago Keith told me this story.  For some reason, I could not stop laughing about it this morning!  Keith used to work for a guy who was a bit, flakey.  This guy went on mystic yoga retreats, only ate raw foods, and had crystals hanging in his window.  (Not that these things alone make someone flaky.  I'm just giving a little background here...)  So.  The plumbers would have staff meetings once in while, and the boss was really into "team building" and so on.  One time, he made all of the guys look eachother in the eyes for 60 seconds each.  So Keith had to sit there, looking deeply into the eyes of all his co-workers.  Including the guy who had only one eye, and the other was made of glass. They were supposed to be doing this so that they could see eachother as fellow human beings. 

I love my collection of funny stories about my loved ones.  My kids especially love hearing the ones about Gramma (specifically Windstorm, Hot Pepper and Butter Dish.)  Uncle Sean and his Flip Flops is also popular around here.   We should make a book... 

So there ya go.   Todays ha ha.  


Eve said...

i need to hear the butter dish and hot pepper stories!! I love that the flip flop story made the list! I laughed my ass off when it happened.

P-Cute said...

that is so funny- Dan and I loved it and it reminded us of Steve Martin in Baby Mama :)