Saturday, February 04, 2012

Dear Betina,

I hoped maybe that showing you my counter top of doom might make you feel better.  On it you can see the following:
  • Knitting project.
  • Abby's reading log, DNA folder and homework.
  • Book about the politics of birth.  ( I know, I know...)
  • Cheque book with no cheques left in it, reminding me to order more.
  • Take out menu.  Because sometimes I resort to pizza just to get Mina to eat SOMETHING without telling me how disgusting it is.  
  • Tax forms and what not that I still need to file.  Better yet, I need to just do the taxes for last year...
  • Many sticky notes with lists of things I need to do/buy/plan/think about.
  • Some other things that are under the pile that I forgot about.  
And  on the wall behind the phone is are "awards" that the girls made for me, for being a great mom. 
We all have a counter of doom.  Mine haunts me too.  But then I look up and see my trophy's and go back to building the lego towers because that is how I earned the awards. (And under the counter of doom is our "Drawer of Requirement."  If there is anything you need, it will be there.  Except the SSRI's of course.  Those are kept locked up.)

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Betina said...


I need to come see the counter of doom in your new little house!