Tuesday, January 08, 2008

January 8 random samplings

Well, it is a new year already! Christmas was really fun, Keith and I both had lots of time off, and we both got to just relax. It was nice, and actually felt like a holiday when it was over. Here are some fun things that happened/were said. (Mostly by Abby)

  • "Auntie Patience, are you excited to get married so that you can sleep with Dan?"
  • "I am NOT a fish expert, I am a HORSE expert" (stomping away in a huff)
  • Mina seems to be sleeping better! Over the holidays we developed a new night time strategy. We just ignore her. Well, not completely, but we try to have her go back to sleep on her own, without the boob. She seems to be getting the hang of it!
  • Mina is also walking up a storm! 14 months is such a cute age. She will just walk around the house, carrying a stuff, putting random things in the baking cupboard, and chattering away. So cute.
  • We were talking about registering Abby for school. Abby got really excited, started to jump up and down doing the happy dance, saying "Yay! I get to go to Paleontology school!" When we told her it was for kindergarten, and not college, she was very sad. Incidentally, we may have found a suitable school for her, so long as there is space left for kids from other neighborhoods.
I am sure I had more to blog about, but it is nearly 10, and I am falling asleep. zzz.


David said...


Just wondering if you are married to Keith Nixon. If not you have the most parallel life I have ever read. If you are the Serinda married to Kieth Nixon Hi from Dave and Tonya .long time since we've heard from you. No address or phone number on the last Christmas card back when Abigal was a baby.
Hope all is well,

David said...

Never mind the last post looked through your archives and seen the pictures. Nice to see everyone happy you all look great.

Have a happy day.

Betina said...

Tag. You're it.