Monday, January 28, 2008


Well, Betina tagged me, and so I have to write 6 things about myself. I do not have any other bloggers to tag back though, so the tagging will have to stop here.
  • I hate hot weather. Even though today it is the coldest day so far this winter (-46 with the wind), and it is the first time ever that I have called my boss to tell him that I am not coming in to work, I still can honestly say that I hate hot weather. Today I will attempt to shovel out the 3 feet of snow we got overnight, I will plug in the car so that it might start tomorrow morning, and will probably get frostbite. But I will still enjoy it more that I would a hot hot summer day.
  • I have been fired from 2 jobs. One was a Tim Hortons, and they fired me because I had a "bad attitude", and the other was The Keg, because I missed a shift when it was -35 and my car would not start, and they thought I should just take the bus. (I was not about to wait for a bus in that weather, so I got fired.) So even though I know Dr. M would not fire me for today, I was still a bit nervous about calling him this morning.
  • I really like eating out at restaurants. We do not do this very often these days, but I love it. I am excited for when the kids are older and Keith and I can do this more often. One of the careers that I have always wanted to try out is being a food writer for a newspaper or magazine. And if you are going out to eat, you have to order desert. It does not make sense not too! Especially if they have cheesecake, or a chocolate lava cake.
  • Recently I have began to enjoy opera music. I think it is because we got a kids opera CD with english translation, and the songs are really fun! Now every time it comes on the radio, I turn it up.
  • I never properly learned how to be a girl. I cannot for the life of me blow dry my hair, and I haven't the first clue about how to put on makeup. I don't really like spending money on clothes, or even shopping for clothes in general. This only really bothers me when I am with my beautiful sisters who are really good at blowdrying.
  • I never use spell check, normally. But the past few weeks I have been e mailing principals of some schools we might send Abby to, and I used spell check on them. I would be so embarassed if I sent an e mail to a principal with spelling mistakes in it. And besides, they might not let Abby into their school if that happened.
I think that is 6. Now I just have to figure out how to link to my sister's blogs. I'll try that next time I am on here.


David said...

Hey I have no idea whether you actually see this or if I'm just typing to myself(Luddite). Anyway it's Dave, I used to be Kieths' roommate way back when. Tonya and I got pictures of Abigail but no accompanying address.Just like to say hi and what's up other than what's written on your blog. This is really weird , I'm not a e-mailer, blogger,facebooker or much of anything as far as computer communication goes so bear with me if for some reason I transgress. I happened to come across your blog because Tonya and I were wondering what had happened to you two. so believe it or not I googled your names and up pooped megre offerings. Weird so here is my attempt at cyber communication.I think I prefer the telephone or better yet face to face but I suppose that is a little old fashioned.
Try not to freeze!!
David S

David said...

I think I figured this out maybe.Now if this goes to your e-mail that would be great. If not, we'll have to do an old fashioned cold war brush pass at a non-discript location somewhere public and it's way to cold for that. Cross your fingers I'm going to press enter.
Nice, I apparently have to click 'publish your comment".
Pressing enter seemed so much more dramatic.
OK cross your fingers again I'm going to click" Publish Your Comment"