Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One more sleep!

Only one more sleep, and then it is Christmas holidays! I am really excited for Christmas. It seems like the magic only lasts a few years - until grade 1 or so, when other kids ruin it for everyone. So I am really trying to enjoy and notice how magical it is for Abby, and Mina too. Every morning, the first thing Abby does is the advent calendar, and of course counts the remaining days. She has her letter for Santa memorized, and wraps up little presents for people all day, with kleenex and tape. She also loves to hear the baby Jesus story before bed, she says it gives her a good sleep. Right now she is more excited for "Auntie" day, the day we get to see Nunu. Abby is kind of upset that I did not put a picture of Nawana on our Christmas card, and she also thinks Auntie's last name is the same as ours. Abby also dreams of her every night, riding a white horse together. Mina likes to toddle up to the tree, oohing, and goes up to the baby's 1st Christmas pictures of her and Abby, and she likes to take the Christmas Fish off of the tree and play with him. It is fun.

Just a note about the Christmas card I sent out, you will notice there is no letter to go along with it. That is because I was too tired and grumpy that week to say anything positive. It has been a good year, I think, but really it has gone by in a blurry haze due to lack of sleep, and I do not really remember the highlights very well. Each time I started writing the letter, it degenerated very quickly into "I wish everyone would just go away and let me sleep." I am trying to be more positive now though, and I am hoping that this holiday season I can at least have a nap. Maybe 2 of them, if I have been good this year. Then I might feel better.

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Nawana said...

I'm so excited to see the girls! I sure miss Ms.France, she has so much personality. Only 2 more sleeps :)