Sunday, December 02, 2007

This and that, incoherent ramblings of today....

Well, since I went through the trouble to sign in and post a comment on nunu's blog, I might as well post here too. I do not really have anything specific to say, so here are my random thoughts.

  • It is very cold here now! Like 20 below 0 for a high during the day. brrr. I sewed Mina's mittens on to her snowsuit, and she ripped out the stitching! That little weiner. I guess I should not have just basted them on...
  • Abby and Mina both have eye infections, and I have to torture them 4 times daily with eye drops, and it is not much fun.
  • There is no Midwifery school in Alberta! So, it seems likely that in 4 or 5 years, we will be moving to BC or Ontario. Unless things change in this province. We are so backwards here, in the "richest" province in Canada. I might become a lobbyist in the meantime, while I am upgrading and saving $.
  • Christmas is coming! I arranged a cookie exchange at work and everyone signed up to participate! (except for M the grinch, who doesn't really like me, so is spurning the cookie exchange) I am unreasonably excited about this, and change my mind 3 times a day about what kind of cookie I am going to wow everyone with. I also arranged a festive pizza lunch, to which I am bringing dessert, and Donna caught my merry spirit and is arranging a gift exchange. Ho ho ho!
  • Mina walks now! She can go about 10 steps, when she is motivated, like when she sees someone else's church bag and wants to root through it, in search of food. Then she will sit there, quietly, eating someone else's apple.
  • Abby can count to 100! She is often muttering under her breath, and when you ask her what she said, she gets mad at you for interupting, and she has to start counting again.


Betina said...

I love love love your posts. I wish they would appear more often.

Abby is a wonder child. She is the next generation of Wendy. I think it skipped a generation, though, because I don't think any of us are wonder chidlren.

Hurray for your midwife goal!

Patience said...

lol, your post made me laugh. the M grinch once scaled my teeth. I was scared the whole time but it ended up working out alright.