Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesdays notes

This morning someone broke into my car. Well, my dad's car actually, which he has been kind enough to let us use this summer. Stupid little teenage theives are so annoying. They broke the window, and stole the registration. They did not steal several prescription pads, which my dad uses as scrap paper and leaves everywhere, or the chequebook that was in the glove compartment. They did however empty a bag of salted peanuts (Abby's emergency car snack) all over the car. And it looked like they heapedbroken glass into the carseats. What annoying little destructive disrespectful brats.

Mina is moving around like crazy. The other day I left her on the living room floor, and went and did something in the kitchen. Then I hear her distressed squeal, so I go to find her. She was completely stuck under the couch. I could not find her right away and got rather worried. This morning I had her in bed with us while we were sleeping. I woke up and she was nursing, upside down. It was really funny.

On a totally unrelated note, would you send you child to French or Spanish kindergarten? Pros for French: It is our national second language, and if she likes it, and continues with it, she could do some really cool exchange programs in highschool, and also be eligible for plum government jobs when she grows up. Pros for Spanish: she and Eden could go travelling to Spanish speaking places together, knowing Spanish is more unique and has a better "cool" factor than knowing French, and she already knows a fair bit thanks to Dora and Diego. I have a year to decide...

On Sunday, Abby's sunday school lesson was about tasting and smelling. They always draw a picture to go with the lesson. So my dear daughter drew a picture of an orange noodle aka: KD. I felt like such a trailer mom. Now everyone knows I feed my children crap. And they love it enough to draw a special picture about being thankful to be able to smell and taste orange noodles.

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Betina said...

I would totally put my kids in French Immersion if I had your opportunity. Besides, then Abby can translate in the French speaking countries and Eden can translate in the Spanish ones.

Those teenagers are so horrible. I did silly things, even stupid ones as a teen, but I can honestly and proudly say I was never destructive.

I only wish I could give my kids KD. The dairy makes it a mute point. Sigh. It's not crap, Serinda. Cheese has protien and calcium.

Go Mina Go!