Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In Response to Eve's Posts

I was reading Eve's blogs, and I am very sad that no one would be her hair model. It would be so nice to all live in the same place, at least until Eve is done hair school. Then she would have 6 models at her disposal. Maybe we should all plan our California visits around her test dates. The thing about having so many siblings is that growing up, there was really no need to make and keep friends. We did not need to, because we had our sisters and bro. Now that I am all grown up though, I feel that I am socially stunted because of this. I think that I did not develop the usual social skills that most other people seem to come by easily. A girl at church asked us over for dinner, and really, I am terrified. That is so wierd. She is perfectly nice, and I have no reason to be intimidated by a dinner invitation.

In other news, well, happenings... Mina is rolling over really well. She can sure get around! She also has been diagnosed with a flat head, and may need to wear a helmet. She has an appointment on the 20 of June to see what we should do about it. It is funny though, if she is fussing and crying, Abby will say "don't be sad Mina, your head is only a little bit flat." She has been crying a lot these days, I think her teeth are coming through soon.

Abby and I have planted a garden! I am really excited about it. It will be so cool to grow Mina's first foods! We planted peas, carrots, beans, spinach and potatos. Also some corn at Abby's request. I still need to plant the squash and zucchini, I just need to find a space big enough. Abby has also requested to go for a horse ride for her number 4 birthday. You would think this is an easy wish to grant, but I am having a heck of a time setting this up! I have one more place to call today, I really hope it works out.

I have been feeling like I am ready to go back to work... I am just not cut out to be at home 24/7. It is driving me crazy! I love my kids, but I am loosing my sanity. I need some grown ups around. No wonder my mother is crazy.


Betina said...

ha ha ha ha I LOVE Abby's little comment about Mina's head. SO cute.

Working part time makes me a better Mom. I think the time in daycare is worth it for the pay off my kids get having a Mom who is not crazy -- or as crazy as she would be.

Good luck with the garden!

I will work on waving my big sister wand to get Abby a horse ride :)

Danielle said...

try the Valley Zoo. we took Kaleb there last summer and he got a short, assisted ride in a circle, on a pony or a small horse for about 5 mins. and the cost was about 5-10 dollars i can't remember and he thought it was great! if your looking outside of the city there are a lot of people around SL that i'm sure can help you out. there are some just down the road that would be happy to take Abby for a ride! just let me know if your interested i'll give them a call.

Eve said...

hey serinda minnie- thanks for the support. I was feeling really shitty last weekend, but now all of my sibilings have rallied around me and i feel better. I do want to move back to canadaland though, especially when i have kids. There is no way i can handle all of that responsibility all alone. And when im a mom, i fully intend to work. Otherwise, Ill be one of those moms that drives off a bridge with her kids buckled in the back seat :)

Patience said...

whoo hoooo! another helmet baby! we love those :)

Danielle said...

serinda, i don't really know anything about the blog but if you click on my name that is highlighted blue right before said... it will take you to my sight you just have to click on BIG MAMA DRAMA. i hope this helps but let me know if it doesn't work i'll get eve to help!