Monday, December 18, 2006

My little Ballerina

Yesterday was Abby's ballet recital. I am such a proud mummy! It was at a big theatre - not a gymnasium, a REAL theatre! With stage lights, curtains, stadium seating and everything!!

Abby was part of 2 preformances. One was with her class, a group of equally cute 3 year olds. They were all dressed up in their red bodysuits, a Christmas print tu tu, and curly ponytails. (Although, Abby has hair issues. Once again, I had hair envy of all of the other girls, with thick, flowing long ringlet-y hair, while Abby's barely goes into a half ponytail, and is so wispy that it does not stay...) Well, I felt much better when the music started, because Abby was the only one actually doing the dance steps! She was so good! The other girls were all distracted, staring into the lights, playing with their jingle bells, or fiddling with their ponytails. There was Abby, tapping her toes, doing her plies and jumps, and singing the words.

Her second time on stage was the preschool finale, where about 50 3 and 4 year olds stood on the stage and sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". All of the kids were lined up around the stage - sort of in a horseshoe shape, so that you could see all of them. Well, our cute little stagehog goes into the centre of the U, so that the kids are all in a horse shoe AROUND HER! And then she stands there dancing while all the other girls sing. Like they were all wishing Abby her very own personal Merry Christmas.

I was laughing and crying so much! What a little preformer she is! I am so proud of Abby.


Eve said...

oh man- that sounds sooo awesome! did you take video tape? If not, you'd better go out and purchase a video camera- as im sure she'll have many more exciting moments to capture on tape! See you on Saturday!!

Betina said...

soooo cute!

I wish I could see you guys this weekend. I know it will be hard, but please try to have fun without me. :(

Tell me all about Mina's big day. And post some pics of Abby the ballerina!