Saturday, December 30, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! We had a great holiday. We went to my mom and dad's place for a few days and visited most of the family. Betina's branch was dearly missed though. It was so nice to see everyone else, especially Eve and Sean who we don't get to see very often. We had a "pre Christmas" gift opening, and Abby's gem was, as she was opening yet another present, "I sure hope this one is not clothes!" It was really funny. I think kids like toys best, but the parents like it when they get clothes. Her favourite toys were the Barbies from Santa. I cannot believe I caved in to the Barbie thing. I always swore that no daughter of mine would have barbies.. But it makes her so happy. I think this is how Keith mush have felt when his dream of a Disney-free childhood for our kids was shattered....

I also got to see an old friend of mine! One of the very few people from my old SL life that I really missed. I have not seen her since my wedding, and it was really cool to have that visit. She has a little baby girl too, and it is just so neat to see your old friends in a new context. Instead of playing saxophone together and dodging Billy Onofrychucks spit bombs from his trombone, we were sitting side by side on matching recliners nuring our little girls and talking about spit up. I miss her.

Happy holidays all!


Eve said...


Mena is the cutest little baby ever- she looks just like you! And so well behaved- I was very impressed. Im so glad you made it up to SL as it was very nice to see you and your fam.



Betina said...

which friend?