Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I know, it is about time

Well, the day after my last blog, Mina was born! Right now, she is cuddled up in Abby's old sling and having a snooze. (I love the sling!!) She was born as planned, in Stony Plain, in a big ol tub of water, with no drugs, and with a midwife attending. It was the most awesome and indredible experience that I have ever had. I am still so awed by it all, that my body actually knew what it needed to do, and that I had the courage to let it. My labour was only 3 1/2 hours from start to finish, and everything went perfecftly, as it should. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to have a midwife attend Mina's birth and take care of us. If you want to know all of the gory details, just call me up and I would love to tell you all about it. In fact, I seem to have become a tree hugging earth mom and just want to tell total strangers what a beautiful thing it was, while whipping out the boobs and nursing the baby anywhere. But I hesitate to talk about my vagina too much on the internet...

Things have been rather crazy around here, I am learning that having 2 children is a lot different than having just one. It takes a whole lot more planning and juggling, and really I have no clue how everyone else does it so well. I took the girls grocery shopping, and was so proud of myself, until I realized that with 2 kids, I had no room in the cart for groceries. There are a lot of tricks I still have to learn. I wonder if I will ever be on time for anything else in my life again. I used to be such a hard a about my patients who would show up for their appointments late. But now, I am beginning to understand...

Mina is a great baby, and Abby is doing incredibly well with all of the changes, and she is very happy (still) about being her big sister. I will post pictures soon.

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Michelle said...

I'm so happy everything went perfectly according to plan! That's a rare thing when it comes to childbirth :)
Grocery store tip...when shopping with both - put Mina in the sling (I was a baby bjorn person...but the sling will work) and then Abby can sit in the front of the cart and then you have room for food! Much more effective use of space than the car seat in the front/Abby in the big part.
E-mail me pictures & your full birth story when you get a chance!