Saturday, July 05, 2014

Weekly Round up

It has been a good first week of summer vacation here at the Nixons place. 

We have discovered 3 new parks, all without sand, (these are the only kind of parks to go to, in my opinion). Our 2 favourites are Borden Park, and Britnell park. We still have a few on our list to check out, like the Castledowns and Jackie Parker park. 

We went to Camrose for Canada Day, and spent some time with Grandma. She gave Leia a new ball, and since then, Leia has been falling asleep clutching her "Gramma ball". Toddlers are so cute. Camrose was fun, but I think next year we will try out our own city's Canada day. 

And, this has been happening. The most successful potty location seems to be right by her bookshelf. Otherwise, she gets up too quickly and nothing happens. But give this girl a book to read, and she will sit still long enough to pee. I have shifted my obsession for cloth diapers to fabric shopping and sewing.

Mina has learned a new skill! And, she stops every 3 minutes while in Walmart to adjust her shoelaces. Sigh. I am very proud of this girl. I think she is even mustering the courage to attempt her two wheeler. Hopefully I can post about that next week. 

Home made play dough! And I just  added boiling water to the mix, and kneaded it instead of doing it over the stove and making a mess in my pot. It is so much nicer that the store bought kind. 

And you may notice that Abby is missing from this post. She is really growing up! Sometimes she feels too old to come to the park and play with play dough. But, when she does, I know she still likes it. Even if she won't admit to it. 

So there you have it, this has been our week. Keith is on call, so it seems like the week will never end. You can bet that I will be dashing out of the house at some point tonight to escape and find some sanity. 

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Betina said...

Good idea with the playdough. We just made 2 batches the other day with 2 gross pots. i will try your plan next time.