Thursday, December 13, 2012

Remembering Fisch

Fisch, you were a good cat.  When you were young you would play fetch, just like a dog.  You were the neighbourhood bully.  You were a very good mouser, and loved to play with grasshoppers.  You would chase the reflections of headlights on the wall.  You would ambush the mailman, and chase your tail. Once you dissappeared for 2 days and came home smelling like rancid butter.  You carried your kittens around upside down. You liked to listen to U2. You liked best of all to sleep with the girls, on their pillows.  You would play with my knitting needles, and sit on the fabric I was trying to cut out.  You would curl up on my pregnant belly, and jump when the baby kicked you.  You loved to cuddle up with the kids for bedtime stories. You loved KD as much as Mina does. We miss you Fisch. 

Fisch Nixon  1996 - 2012

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