Friday, September 07, 2012

School's In!

Well, here are my 1st and 4th graders!  (how american sounding of me).  The year is off to a great start, we are 4 days in, and have only missed the bus twice.  Being on an infant's schedule is apparantly hard for me to get used to.  yesterday I went to get the girls from the bus stop, and waited for 20 minutes.  No bus. So I went back home to call the bus company, only to find the girls hanging out in the drive way with my nieghbour's sister in law.  Mina was naked from the waist down, with her sweater haphazardly tied around her waist.  Turns out the bus got to the stop early, and the girls started for home right when I left.  We took different routes, and missed eachother.  While they were waiting for me. Mina had to pee, so decied to do it beside the apple tree, and in the process peed on her skirt and underwear.  So they knocked on the neighbours door, and he was not home, but his sister in law whom we have never met was there...  So she hung out with them for a few minutes until I arrived home.  I can only imagine what she thinks of my parenting skills.  Lacking, I'm sure. 
Abby and Mina are loving the new school year, I am re-learning how to type one handed, and plan to call a chiropracter because my back is killing me, from wearing my 9 pound baby all the live long day.  (but really, I love snuggling this kittle squeaker as much as I can). 


Betina said...

Hee hee. I think Mina would use any excuse in the book to get naked. Perhaps she peed on her clothing on purpose?

That little baby is so beautiful! Like Mother, like daughter.

Stephanie said...

Serinda - The pattern for my purple dress is Vogue 8379. My first review is here:

My second review of the dress will go live tomorrow morning on my blog. It's a great pattern with a few adjustments. Good luck!