Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bonus #'s 37 - 40 about NOT being pregnant

Of course, there are many upsides to not being pregnant anymore.  The obvious one, for example, having a sweet piece of heaven in my arms.  But also, and not to be under-rated:
  • Being able to reach the second shelf in my kitchen cupboards (the third shelf has always and will always be beyond my reach.  That is where the birthday candles and Christmas stuff goes.)
  • Wearing my wedding ring again!  No more random swelling throughout the day!  I can now wear my ring all day, and even at night.  No more will I appear to the the unmarried pregnant mother.  No judging here, but I love being married and I love being able to show it with my ring.  It has been a sad ringless year and half! How ironic, first I was too skinny for it, then too fat.
  • The rack.  As Keith mentioned the other day.  Very impressive.  And it puts the post-partum body more in proportion so I don't seem as fat.  

In other news, summer is nearly over.  That means no more weekday sleep overs in the spare bedroom for my big girls.  They always become the best of friends over the summer, it is almost a shame to send them back to school and their own seperate social lives.  For some reason, blogger put the sleep over picture at the top of this post.  Try to imagine it right here for impact. 


Betina said...

She is such a sweet little thing. I wish I could snuggle her.

P-Cute said...

I second what B says. And the "try to imagine it right here for impact" made me laugh SO hard, I nearly woke the baby. You are funny.