Friday, May 04, 2012

A Love Letter to My Husband

Dear Keith,

One of my favourite things is when you are putting the girls to bed, and I am downstairs on the couch (usually watching some lame TV show, or occasionally being productive, folding laundry) and you are reading to them.  I can just hear your voices, but not enough to make out your words. That sound, of you reading and chatting with them before bed, is probably my most favourite sound in the world.  The low tones of your voice reading, and the little giggles and higher voices of the girls.  It is really beautiful.  Probably you think that I love watching TV so much that I don't want to do the bedtime thing, but really I just love to hear that sound.  (geez, these hormones are making me really sappy! 

Love, S

And, unrelated... Gestational update:  I am at the stage of pregnancy where shaving my legs has become an athletic event.  I had the best of intentions today, but just thinking about all the bending and reaching made my tired.  Thus, my legs are still unshaven.  Maybe I'll eat an energy bar today and then be able to do it later.  Maybe not. 

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