Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Google,

You know when you have to type in the 2 words for security before psoting something?  Well, first, they are not even words.  Maybe in some strange language that is not mine.  Could you please give me English words?  And could you please use a better font?  Really!  I know my eyes are not 20/20, but come on, for the love of Pete!  It takes me 3 tries just to post a comment on my sista's blog!  It looks like those street signs that the rednecks have shot up with their long guns so you can't even see the speed limit anymore! It's no wonder I hardly ever post things.  Also, could you please find me someone who will buy my car for me, please pretty please?  That would be super helpful. 
Thank you.  

Also, a conversation with Mina, who is very interested in the birthing of this baby, and all things uterine and umbilical. 

Mina: Mom, can Anna please come to see the baby get born?
Serinda: No, it will be just family and Noreen (our fantastic Midwife).
M: But mom, she really wants to see it.
S: No, it will be private.  She can come the next day.
M: But really mom!
S:  I might be bare naked and she should not see me naked. 
M: Okay.  But can I tell her about it?
S: Sure!
M: Even the bare naked part?
S: Yes, you can tell her about the bare naked part. 

ha ha ha ha ha haha !

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