Sunday, March 18, 2012

pregnancy weirdness #87

Today at church, Mina was sitting in (what remains of ) my lap, and eating raisins.  When I got home and changed out of my church clothes, a bunch of raisins fell out of my cleavage. 

And, just FYI, if another person tells my about how this one MUST be a boy, and maybe I'll finally get a boy, or some such comment, I am going to scream.  Boys are great and all, but we make awfully incredible girls here in the Nixon home!  My life is not going to be lesser if I fail to produce a boy. (Ultrasound is Wednesday! I'm very excited to find out the gender of this babe so that I can get sewing!) 

Also, if another person comments on "Wow, August, are you sure? You're so big already!"  Uh, yes I am sure.  So shut it, you rude stranger/friend/person. What's Your excuse for the extra poundage, huh?


Patience said...

LOL! I love the rude stranger/friend/person part. If anyone asks me 'no baby yet' I am going to bitch slap them in the face :)!

Betina said...

My favorite was "You must be so glad you're finally getting one of your own."


Lindsey Heath said...

I am so glad I just found all of your blogs so I can snoop/stalk all of you. You girls are freaking hilarious!!Patience-I just laughed out loud-so loud at your comment. I gained 70 pounds with each pregnancy and my boobs turned into G's, yes G! I got 4-10 comments a day about how there must be multiples in there and def wanted to do some b-slapping!

Betina-that is unreal that ppl could be so insensitive and dumb!