Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Squirmy Baby!

Here she is, baby girl Nixon #3.  I went to a private ultrasound clinic and it was fantastic!  They were so nice to me.  They gave me a fluffy spa bathrobe to keep warm, and had a flat screen in front of me so that I could watch the exam as they did it. I agreed to have a student do part of it which was nice because the experienced tech was there commenting and discussing what we were looking at while the student did it.  So here's a plug for them!  Canadian Diagnostic Centres is a great place for an ultrasound!  I went twice, as the baby was not in the right position for a few of the views they needed.  Each time the wait was minimal, a few minutes really.  They were kind and friendly, and were more than happy for Keith and the girls to come in after the exam.  The waiting room was not bursting at the seams with people and I loved that.  It was busy, but people were taken in right away. They know how to schedule appointments and stay on time. Very much appreciated. 

And, of course, everyone is telling me about how they know someone whose ultrasound said girl, but it was really a boy, so I should not loose hope.  For Goodness Sake!  Enough already!

PS I've never posted a video before, so I hope this worked.  


Betina said...

Well, at least you can be sure it's one of your own. I, for one, am excited about another Nixon neice, as the current ones always make me laugh :)

Thumbs up for privatized medicine, I guess.

Nawana said...

I'll love whatever it is, even if it's born with both parts and you have to choose!