Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let There be Light!

We are officially the brightest house on the block!  Keith has revealed his previously unknown competitive streak. Next year I think there may be lawn ornaments and perhaps a mechanical lighted moose.  Every time I turn the corner and see our house lighting up the street I can't help but smile and laugh a bit because I love them so much.  Merry Christmas! 

In other festive news, my band concert was on Sunday and it was fantastic.  I love playing with a full orchestra (minus the string section).  It was the first time I know of that brass, saxophones, drums etc.  were allowed to play in the chapel.  The stake had to get special permission from SLC!  They even removed 3 pews so that we could make a little orchestra pit.  It was just beautiful, I wish you could have been there.  I invited my neighbours and and 2 of them came! This was big for me, as I have never invited a non member to a church event. There was a choir as well, and some solos.  I have 2 new favourites to add to my list: "Still, Still, Still", and "Guard Him, Joseph".  Especially when done by Brother Hatch.   

so, have a merry Christmas!

PS the Christmas recipes may be a little bit late, so to those sibs who have not sent any yet, you still can, we will just call them new years recipes this year. 

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Dan Matthews said...

I didn't realize you played an instrument, Serinda! What is it? We sure miss your family a lot - we used to hang out so much!