Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy #5

Here Mina is at Christmas, wait a minute!  That's not Mina, it's me!  ha ha ha.  THis picture came from the Late Aunt Connie's photo album.  When dad showed it to me, I could not believe how much Mina looks like I did at that age.  It is incredible.  I love it!
Here is the real Mina!  She had a pyjama themed party, and wore her new birthday hat (a gift from Eli, the aformentioned childhood stealer.  He is forgiven.)  And the cake, was delicious!   Best frosting recipe ever:  Put 8 oz whipping cream and 8 ounces baking chocolate, we used semi sweet, in a bowl.  Microwave until w. cream is very warm, and chocolate begins to melt.  Let sit a few minutes, then mix it together.  Pour over cake, smooth it, let sit overnight or a few hours to harden.  I put a layer of it inbetween the layers of cake too.  wowza. 

So, Happy birthday Mina!  You are hilarious, beautiful, kind, sweet and loving.  You have a great imagination, you love your friends, you adore your sister.  You love watching Mr. Bean, and Sponge Bob, you appreciate a good joke.  You love to read, take the bus to school, play with Anna, your best friend, stretch your incredibly flexible body, and make cookies with mom.  You love candy, and have the dental work to prove it.  (you are also, incredibly well behaved in the dental chair, thank goodness.)  You love to come and cuddle in my bed before my alarm goes off, asking me questions like "what starts with Q?", before I have fully woken up.  Mina, I love you.  Happy Birthday!


Betina said...

Happy BD to the Bean! I should have wished her a Happy Happy today when I spoke with you. Darn it! What a lovely little girl. Her personality is priceless. She is also beautiful, like her Mamalama.

P-Cute said...

Sweet Mina! I cannot believe that she is FIVE already. Good grief. She is the sweetest little Bean I ever did know. My 'Q' word for her is quint. As in quint-tupplets.