Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My dad is a medical doctor. This is a wonderful thing. It means that if I run out of a prescription, I can just call him up, anytime, and get one. I can find out answers to strange medical queeries, get stitches at the kitchen table if needed and that sort of thing. Most of all, it means that in my daughter's entire 3 years, we have not known the horror of medicentres. Until today. I have always heard such awful stories about them. Waiting for hours among people who are drunk, dirty, or highly infectious and spurting blood everywhere, seeing doctors who do not speak english, or are grumpy because they have to work there. Well, I was pleasantly surprised today! Abby has an eye infection, so my sister Nawana called my up at work, (because there was a lot of gross pus and swelling. Yuck), and I came home to take her to the medicentre. (Our regular office had no openings today, and I needed someone to actually look in Abby's eye, so a phone consultation with my dad would not have worked.) Well. The place was clean, and while many of the patients in the waiting room were obviously there because they had survived yet another beating, (very sad), it was fine. There was no moaning and groaning, we were taken in after maybe half an hour of waiting, and they had good magazines! The doctor spoke english as a first language, he was nice to us, and Abby was not afraid of him. I must say that I am quite impressed, and just had to share. Emergency medical clinics are not as bad as you might think!


Betina said...

One of the main reasons I love your writing is because you use the Canadian spellings.

I am glad you did not contract something yucky at the medicenter.. I mean centre. I hope Abby's eye is okay.

Eve said...

i love that dad is a doctor. all the T-3's and antibotics one can dream of. The first time i had to go to an outside doctor in california, i had a breakdown. There were so many things i didnt know about, PPO? HMO? 80/20"70/30? PCP? All of these terms i knew nothing about. I wish i still lived at canada so dad could still write me perscriptions too.

Eve said...

serinda- im so excited to see you this weekend! make sure you bring your bathing suit- cause its going to be hot!