Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Musings

Abby has reminded me that it has been FOREVER since I added anything to this blog of mine.  I reminded her that this is called "Meagre" offerings, not "A Novel Every Day" offerings.  But she is right!  I have had so many blog ideas, and not made the time to turn them into actual posts.

Idea #1
School Dance
The girls attended a school dance, and the theme was "Hats!"  I'm not sure if they had to be crazy or silly, or just wear a hat. Mina added a cape to her ensemble, as it went so well with her beret. So they went to the dance, escorted by Daddy.  There was popcorn and glowsticks, the Chicken Dance and YMCA. Michael Jackson and Lady GaGa, much to Mina's delight. They danced with eachother, with daddy, and with their friends. They were home by 8:00, tired and happy. Sigh. I could not help but wonder with a school dance picture will look like 7 years from now.  What will they be wearing and who will be bringing them to the dance? I started thinking these thoughts and had to stop myself. Enjoy the present. Don't rush them into growing up. Don't worry about high school dances, boy crushes, slow dancing and tender broken hearts.   It is not the season for that!  (Besides, they dont have boys in a convent! ha ha)

Idea #2
Mothers Day
Mothers day.  I tried to blog about this from my IPad, but could not get it to publish. It was a whole long drawn out list of pros and cons about having another baby.  I am kind of glad it did not publish though, because is was just a bunch of drivel about how I can't make up my mind.  When I re read it, I decided I do not have to make up my mind.  I am very happy with my family as it is, and what will be will be. I don't need to worry myself about these things, especially because I have this lovely fat baby in my arms, who gives enthusiastic, wet, open mouthed kisses, and fits just right in the kitchen sink for her bath.

Idea #3
My girls, sharing their special talents with the Leia. Abby loves to play the piano, and every time she does, Leia crawls right up to the bench, and "sings". It is incredibly sweet. Mina, aside from being very flexible, also loves to play computer games.  Not so much a talent, as a past time, I think. Well Leia is all over that too, and Mina is very patient and cute teaching her how to play. Leia wants to play with the big girls all the time and it makes me so happy!  So much sister love. 

So there you have it. Noe one, but THREE blog posts!

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